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With over 10 years of experience, Islands Bookkeeping & Business Services is committed to providing you with the best bookkeeping and business support services. We offer effective solutions to suit your individual business needs, with an emphasis on customer service that is accurate and confidential. We serve the southern Gulf Islands, including Salt Spring, Pender, Galiano, Mayne and Saturna. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for a free consultation.

Let us deal with your paperwork so you can focus on what you do best!


Experienced Bookkeeping

  • Monthly Maintenance: Full-cycle bookkeeping to the point of Trial Balance, including invoicing, banking, petty cash, accounts payable & receivable, bank & credit card reconciliations, payroll, government remittances (including GST, PST and Payroll Source Deductions), inventory maintenance, expense projections, budgeting and financial statements.
  • Royalty Accounting: For independent records labels and book publishers, including project allocation for revenue streams and production & promotional expenses, along with royalty statement preparation.
  • Bookkeeping Set Up: In-house conversion or set up of your books in Simply Accounting, Moneyworks or QuickBooks. Includes establishing a Chart of Accounts, entering the opening balances, creating recurring entries and written instructions on how to enter your monthly income & expenses. Remaining bookkeeping tasks can be completed for you as required.
  • Offsite Bookkeeping: Monthly maintenance of your books from our location, where your up-to-date bookkeeping file and financial reports are either e-mailed to you, or returned on a thumb drive with your invoices & receipts via registered mail.
  • Payroll Services: Complete monthly, bi-monthly or weekly payroll functions, including paycheque calculations, Source Deductions & WCB remittances, T4’s and Records of Employment.
  • Customized Excel Spreadsheets: For recording income & expenses, project costing, wholesale & retail pricing, tracking business data, e-commerce and other functions as required.
  • Year-End Preparation: Totaling of your annual income & expenses and other end-of-period functions in preparation for filing your tax return with the goal of minimizing your tax bill.

Creative Copywriting & Editing:

  • Various: For web site content, press releases, marketing materials, marketing strategies, business plans, corporate bios, promotional clips & materials, book submissions and grant applications, along with ghost writing and editorial input.
  • Writing & Editing Samples available at:
  • Editing Samples
  • Writing Samples

Web Site Content Management:

  • Page Layout: Organization of web pages, navigation bars and button names to make your site user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Copywriting & Editing: Engaging, key-word focused copy for all pages of your site, or a professional copyedit of your existing materials.
  • E-Commerce: Product descriptions & coding, data entry, database maintenance, order fulfillment, customer correspondence and marketing emails.
  • SEO Key Words: Writing and formatting of your SEO key words to optimize your search engine rankings and website traffic.

Efficient Office Admin:

  • Various: Office management, operation manuals, project coordination, transcription services, information and statistical research, data entry, business correspondence, filing and phones.
  • Software: Simply Accounting, Moneyworks, QuickBooks, MS Word, MS Excel, WordPress, Chrome, Explorer, Safari,  Filemaker Pro, Micros Fidelio, Smart Vendor;  experienced in Mac and PC platforms


  • Package rates are available for monthly or quarterly bookkeeping services are based on the number of transactions (e.g. $150 for up to 100 transactions).
  • Flat fees can be quoted for copywriting and editing based on the proposed size and content of your project. Please enquire.


Kathryn Nimetz has been working for my company Interchill Records/Mariko Music Publishing since January, 2010. Her work focus to start was a re-organisation of our paper filing system, as well as writing an office manual to establish our office procedures. Working in co-ordination with our accountants, Kathryn went on to streamline our bookkeeping system to accurately reflect the financial transactions and needs of the company. We had a backlog of a number of financial years to file, and in less than 18 months Kathryn brought the administration of the company up to date, including the preparation of royalty statements for the albums in our catalogue. Kathryn is professional, trustworthy, thorough, a quick learner, easy to work with and a clear communicator. I recommend her highly and value her as part of our team. In a number of cases, her attention to detail resulted in accounting errors being put right to our favour, and allowed us to both make savings and maximize the deductions available to us.

Andrew Ross-Collins, Interchill / Mariko Music Publishing, www.interchill.com

Kathryn Nimetz has been invaluable in bringing our bookkeeping in house on our own computer. We have struggled in the last few years with bookkeepers and accountants who were simply not up to the task, but Kathryn took what quite frankly was a mess and turned it into a very workable system. I would also recommend Kathryn for her suggestions in the areas of marketing, inventory and general operations. I have no hesitation in saying that she would be a valuable asset to any business.

John Miles, Southridge Farms Country Store, www.southridgeonpenderisland.com

Kathryn and I worked together on writing the business plan for my small business. Kathryn helped to research all aspects of the plan, as well as create the required financial projections. In the process, she had many excellent suggestions for the marketing strategy and operations of my new practice. Her work was efficient and thorough, and she had no problems meeting any deadlines that I had. This business plan led to financial assistance to the tune of $19,500.00 in total. Kathryn, I am very grateful for your hard work and assistance in developing my business! I couldn’t have done it without you!

Jennifer Lutes Shelley DSHM, Homeopathic Family Clinic, www.homeopathicfamilyclinic.com

Many thanks to Kathryn for organizing and writing the content for the new Ptarmigan Music & Theatre Society website. Kathryn captured the spirit of our organization from our 18-year history and wrote text that was both informative and engaging, while creating an easy work flow. She also made several excellent suggestions for the site itself, including improvements for our Donations page and creating a downloadable Press Centre. Kathryn is efficient, productive and professional, and I highly recommend her skills.

Patrick Smith, Artistic Director, Ptarmigan Music & Theatre Society, www.ptarmigansociety.org

When I was creating a website for my counselling practice, Kathryn helped me in countless ways. She showed me different ideas for the layout of the site, and helped to write and edit all of the text. In the process, she kept track of everything – all of the ideas, notes, articles & descriptions – and made it easy for me to access and apply the information. The work she did for me was truly invaluable. Before she came along, I was completely overwhelmed about what I wanted on my website and how to put it all together. I really could not have done it without her and I’m so happy with the final result. Kathryn also offered several great marketing ideas to expand my practice that were simple and easy to implement. Thanks, Kathryn! I will recommend you to anyone!

Anne Goodman, MNLP, DH, EFT, TLT™, www.empoweredchoices.com

I have no reservations in highly recommending Kathryn because she is a person that ‘value adds’ to her work. There are a number of different benefits which make it very easy to endorse and want to employ her again:

1.    Kathryn quickly learned our business procedures and then documented them in a manual, making it easy for anyone to follow.
2.    Kathryn’s command of the English language means she is able to proofread and quality-control documents before they are sent out.
3.    With bookkeeping, her methodical approach is essential to keeping accurate and timely accounts.
4.    Cash flow is king and Kathryn is able to pick up the phone and manage invoices & their payments. She is great in dealing with corporate clients and their maze of departments. Kathryn collected close to $100,000 of receivables for us in less than 60 days, and then ensured that all current invoices were sent out in a timely fashion.
5.    Kathryn is self-motivated which means that she is able to work unsupervised and is very efficient.

In short, Kathryn was able to manage the critical business function of cash flow, which allowed me to concentrate on the revenue-generating side of the business.

Joseph Bernard, Director, Paradigm Designs Software, www.parasoft.com.au

I have known Kathryn for many years and have had the pleasure of working with her on a number of business initiatives. Kathryn is an excellent copywriter,  be it for brochures, articles, web site content, business correspondence and much more. It is truly rare to meet someone who can understand the essence of someone’s creative or business objectives and help you to communicate them succinctly. Kathryn set up my corporate headquarters with simple and effective systems and procedures, which have created a strong foundation for me to build and grow my business. Kathryn also provides accurate bookkeeping skills. She is very proficient with Excel spreadsheets, and prepared the year-ends and corporate minutes for both my online business and my husband’s residential construction company. Kathryn has an exceptionally strong work ethic – she arrives on time, ready to work, gets the job done and does her very best!

Alison Tilley, Tropical Living

I manage a privately-held timeshare in Hawaii with five owners spread across the U.S. and I was having a difficult time with the bookkeeping. We have to project next year’s fees based upon previous years, include a variety of changes and add a number of expenses that pop up. Then I have to ensure that each owner is accurately billed for the amount of weeks that they own. Kathryn made it all seem so simple and took a tremendous load off of me! She corrected some previous mistakes I’d made and updated everything in an easy-to-understand spreadsheet that I work with monthly. I highly recommend Kathryn’s services to everyone. She’s professional, prompt and very pleasant to work with. Thanks, Kathryn!

Rick Boal, Manager, Colony L-1, LLC

I am very happy to write a testimonial for Kathryn and genuinely feel that she is an asset to any business that she works with. Kat has an incredible work ethic,  is observant,  astute,  detail oriented and very efficient. In terms of managing web content, Kathryn has proven to be imaginative in helping clients succinctly determine the message they want to convey on their website, and inspired in writing that message for them. She also makes an excellent contribution to the page layout of websites to make them both user-friendly and profitable, and always proves very helpful in gathering A/V materials and entering data for e-commerce databases. She has wonderful copyediting skills and always has great suggestions to improve a website on the whole. Kathryn is really great with people and always looks for the “win-win” situation for everyone she comes into contact with. I highly recommend Kathryn for any project she may get involved in.

Ken Fersht, aka Kmax, Kmax Multimedia, www.kmaxmultimedia.com

Kathryn maintained the books for Siren, a clothing boutique in Toronto’s fashion district, from February 2000 to May 2006. During this time her responsibilities included daily sales reconciliation,  banking, accounts payable and receivable, government remittances, payroll, bank and credit statement reconciliations, monthly expense projections, monthly financial statements and year-end preparation. Kathryn was also of great assistance with the Siren website by laying out the navigation of the site to make it user-friendly and co-authoring the text that appeared, along with coding all of the data for the items that were available for sale. Once completed, she maintained the e-commerce functions of the Siren website, including downloading the orders, corresponding with customers and ensuring that the correct items were sent to them, as well as maintaining our email database and sending out regular marketing emails to our online clients. Throughout her employment, I found Kathryn to be trustworthy, reliable and efficient. In addition, she has a pleasant personality and worked effectively with the rest of our staff and outside suppliers. I highly recommend Kathryn as an excellent addition to the staff of any business.

Groovella Blak, Siren Gothic Emporium

It happened all too quickly – the debt accumulated, my credit score was seriously affected and the collection phone calls kept coming in – when I knew I needed help. I was truly blessed to have run across Kathryn, who taught me how to budget my monthly income and expenses in an easy-to-use spreadsheet, along with how to become debt-free over time. We also clarified my financial goals, which included saving up a down deposit and owning my own home one day. Nine years later, I still follow a monthly budget, I’m debt free, I qualified for a mortgage to buy a home of my very own and I continue to use Kathryn’s services for bookkeeping and tax purposes. When someone believes in you and cares this much, her services are definitely worth it. There still is GOOD help out there – call Kathryn – because if I can do it, you can do it!

Susan McGarry, Independent Distributor, Awareness Corporation


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Kathryn Nimetz

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